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A Cozy Newborn Session at Home

February 2, 2024

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Welcoming a newborn into the family is an extraordinary moment filled with joy, tenderness, and an overwhelming sense of love. Choosing to have your newborn photography session at home offers a unique and intimate setting, where your family can feel comfortable and completely themselves. With natural light streaming through your windows, the cozy captures in baby’s nursery, and the personal touches help to create a magical first photo session for your family.

Newborn sessions are all about capturing the sweet tiny features and unique personality of your little one in their first weeks. From fingers and toes to their subtle expressions, I always make sure to focus on the intricate details that make your baby one of a kind.

A lifestyle newborn session that is held in-home is extra special because we get to capture you and your baby together in your most treasured place, in your daily routine and at your most comfortable. Candid shots of parents cuddling, soothing, and marvelling at their bundle of joy create such lasting, authentic and heartfelt memories. These sessions are meant to capture the love and connection between you and your little one – images that tell the story of the special bond shared during those early days.

Try as we may, newborn schedules may not align with our session time, and you can plan everything perfectly in advance – feeding and changing right before our session – but baby can still be unpredictable. Yet, this is the part of the beauty of newborn sessions. We’ll work at your baby’s pace, with plenty of time for breaks, feedings and soothing moments. The goal is to create an stress-free environment, ensuring you and your little one are comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process.

An in-home newborn session at home is a heartwarming experience that beautifully encapsulates the joy, love, and tenderness surrounding the arrival of your little one. By choosing the comfort of your home for our session, you create the perfect backdrop for capturing those gentle, precious moments that make the early days so special.

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