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Sessions with Older Kiddos

February 3, 2024

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Let’s talk tweens + teens!

An age that is definitely interesting for photographers – some are super excited for these sessions and some are a bit scared of them – but I personally love older kiddo sessions so, so much! 

I know they might put up a fuss, especially when there’s a million other things they could be doing on their weekends, but I find sessions with tweens and teens to be some of the most loving, emotive and easy! 

They’re always ready to give their grown ups a slightly embarrassed sloppy kiss, or strike a silly pose (that they pretend to be too cool for), and they’re always so unapologetically themselves.

Maybe I’m just working with some magic kids, but I truly think if you meet them on their level, go with the flow, and let them be themselves in whatever way they choose, you get some truly incredible moments!

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