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Sessions with Toddlers: Capturing the Magic!

February 15, 2024

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Photographing families with toddlers is such a wonderful experience! Their boundless energy and big emotions make for some amazing photos, but it can also make a photoshoot feel like a rollercoaster ride. But with the right approach, the experience can be a magical and memorable adventure for both you and your little ones! Below I’ve included my best tips for a session with toddlers and how to make it a fun and stress-free experience!

Get on Their Level: Toddlers see the world from a unique perspective, quite literally. Instead of towering over them, I love to kneel down or lie on the ground to see the world through their eyes! This not only captures some lovely and unique angles but helps me to connect with little ones! This way they feel more comfortable and happy to participate!

Follow Their Lead: Toddlers often have their own agenda during a photoshoot, which is totally okay! They love to explore, especially new places, and don’t love being told to stay in one spot or listen for too long! So I always make sure my sessions are child-led and open to following their lead! If they’re drawn to a particular spot, instead of fighting it, we’ll move with them! If they prefer to run instead of sitting down, then we’ll chase them around the room!

Make It Fun: I love being playful with your little ones during our sessions! Playing peek-a-boo, singing their favourite songs, or encouraging them to tickle parents or whisper silly things in their ear all create candid moments of joy and laughter! The more fun your little ones have, and the more comfortable they feel, the more authentic and heartwarming your photographs will be!

Don’t Force Anything: Patience is key when photographing toddlers! If they’re not in the mood to pose or cooperate, we never force it! Sessions are structured with plenty of time for breaks and letting them warm up and explore so they can express themselves freely. Usually, the most beautiful shots come from those spontaneous, unscripted moments!

Be Prepared: Packing snacks, drinks, and an extra side of clothes, is key! You never know what’s going to happen during a session, so having extra of everything is always helpful! An extra tip: instead of bringing snacks in their packaging (or handing the package to your little one), pack the snacks in a plastic bag and hand them to your kiddo one-by-one! This allows for more “aesthetic” photos if your little one doesn’t want to give up their snack (and easier potential photoshop later on)!

Photographing toddlers is such a beautiful, rewarding experience that requires a blend of creativity, flexibility, and patience! By getting on their level, following their lead, making it fun, and avoiding the urge to force anything, we can capture some amazing images! Embrace the unpredictability, and create those memories that you will cherish for years to come!

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