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Exploring Toronto with a Newborn!

April 17, 2024

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Welcoming a newborn into your life is a wild ride: filled with love, joy, and endless new discoveries. But as you navigate the early weeks of parenthood, and a tentative routine starts to come out of the sleepless haze, many parents wonder how they can get out of the house and explore with their baby in fun, stress-free and safe ways. Fortunately, Toronto offers plenty of activities perfectly suited for you and your newborn! From serene strolls in the park to cute coffee shop dates and mommy and me groups, there are so many ways for you to carve out your new rhythm with your little one!

Join a Mommy/Parent Group in Your Neighbourhood:

Connecting with other parents and mamas is the biggest lifesaver after welcoming a new baby! These groups provide a supportive environment where you can share your experiences, seek advice, and form lasting friendships with other families who are also in the thick of it!

  • East End Mom Friends (@eastendmomfriends) is an amazing community of mamas and parents in the East End of Toronto that organizes plenty of meet ups, activities, groups and more! Many clients are a part of this group and have found it to be one of the best resources for meeting other moms and getting support on this wild parenting journey!

Picnic or Stroll in the Park:

One of the best and easiest things to do with your new baby: take a walk through Toronto’s gorgeous parks! Every neighbourhood has at least one incredible park to explore with endless trails to walk, playgrounds for older siblings to play, and places to sit and enjoy the warm weather while baby naps. Below are some of my favourite parks around the city:

  • Ashbridges Bay Park: located in Toronto’s east end, a gorgeous stretch of boardwalk along the waterfront. Watch beach volleyball in the summer as you stop for brunch at Toronto Beach Club on their beach-front patio!

  • Trinity Bellwoods Park: one of the best gems of the West End! Grab coffee from a local cafe or some pizza from Pizzeria Badiali for the perfect afternoon picnic in the park!

  • High Park: Toronto’s best known park in the city! Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms in the Spring or take the whole family to the High Park Zoo or splash pad in the summer.

Head to the Coffee Shop: Sometimes even getting out of the house for 30 minutes to grab a coffee can leave you feeling like a brand new person after days at home with your newborn! Luckily, you can find about 10 amazing coffee shops per block in our city, which makes popping out of the house for a refreshing walk and coffee so easy!

  • Dineen Outpost: my fellow east-enders know this one! A welcoming coffee shop along Gerard Street East with a beautiful patio on warm days!

  • Boxcar Social: with multiple locations around the city, Boxcar Social is a great spot for coffee or wine and beer (if you’re looking for something a little stronger after a long day of parenting)! Try their Harbourfront location for amazing views, or their Leslieville location (my favourite) for its New York City street cafe vibe!

  • Sonndr: can’t forget our west-end friends! Right at the edge of Trinity Bellwoods, Sonndr is a great spot to grab a coffee before your Trinity Bellwoods stroll!

Whatever you decide to do with your newborn, whether that is only taking a minute on your front porch – because that’s the furthest that baby will let you get from home – or spending the afternoon at a local park, you are doing AMAZING mama! Do whatever you need to do to get through those first few weeks, and when you come out of the wonderful, tiring haze, I hope this list offers you some exciting activities to try with your little one!

As always, I would love to capture this incredibly special time for your family – so if you’re looking for a Toronto Newborn Photographer, please don’t hesitate to reach out here to book your session!

Best, Annie

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